Essential Question:

How does urbanization affect our world?

Region or Continent:


Focus Question 1:

How does urbanization affect our people?


  • In Asia many people move out of the cities to suburbs because farming and agricultural jobs are more abundant outside the city
  • Asia has five developing countries with more than 100 million people
  • Many Business workers move to the city or near the city because their jobs are in the city core
  • More and more people are moving to cities in Asia
  • Some people in major cities move to suburbs for better access to drinking water

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Focus Question 2:

How does urbanization affect our natural resources?


  • Some people in major cities move to suburbs for better access to drinking water
  • The dramatic increase of cars in the area have increased the pollution levels and so much oil has been used

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Focus Question 3:

How does urbanization affect our cities?


  • Cities in Asia have grown bigger due to people moving into the cities and creating business’s
  • less than 1/3 of India’s people live in cities and towns, these areas generate over 2/3 of the country’s GDP and account for 90% of government revenues
  • India’s towns and cities have expanded rapidly as increasing numbers migrate to towns and cities in search of economic opportunity.
  • The city of Seoul is the capital city in South Korea. Seoul has been at the center of South Korea's remarkable economic transformation over the last four decades.

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