Team Members: Taylor K. Gracie M Michale C Richie D


Come to consensus on the following and post on your team page:
  • Who drives the computer (how often)?
  • What steps will you take to resolve any conflicts should they occur?
  • Students should edit only their own pages and use the discussion tab to share ideas with their team.
How will your team make decisions like:
  • which regions to research
  • who will research what region
  • what focus questions will be used

Teamwork Reflection and Norms
  • Richie gets to drive the conputer
  • majorit rules


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milneteamwork_rubric black and white.doc

‍Essential Question:

How does global climate change effect...

Focus Questions:

1.How dose global climate change effect Humans

2.How dose global climte change effect Animals

3.How does global climate change effect Vegitation

Regions: North America, Oceania/Antarctica,Latin America, Europe, & Russia, Asia, Middle East, Africa

Put your name and the region you selected to research below:

1.North America-Grace

‍Team Inspiration:


‍Plan of Action

Plan of Action Names:
Essential Question: How does Global Climate Change effect the world...?
Focus Question: How does Global Climate Change effect Animals
Mode: Public Service Announcment
Media: movie maker

Audience: Everyone
Purpose: To show to people that poluting is KILLING animals and there habitats
How is each member of your group going to contribute to developing your project (Plan)
Talyor and Michle going to write the script, Grace is going to get images and i am going to make the movie
List the tools or technology needed to complete your Plan of Action
We will need two computers.

‍MultiMedia Project Draft

‍Revised MultiMedia Project (Final)

Global climate change