Constructive feedback for Call to Action Projects

1. As a team, please view the projects that correspond to your table number.
2. Individually write in your comments and notes on the feedback chart.
3. Together construct your response as a team and post it on the discussion tab.

Review Discussion Tab Post:

Based on the info in the feedback chart, Please include

o At least 3 things that make that groups’ project effective (be specific).
o At least 2things (be specific) that make the project more effective.
o At least 1 clarifying question, or one thing you would like to know more about.

  1. 5th HourGlobalClimateChange Project Draft SL, LS, BC, AB
  2. Capstone Project Draft
  3. Capstone Project Draft Alexa A. , Ashleigh L. ,Caitlin B. , and Fiona M.
  4. Capstone Project Draft1 Annie S, rachel R, Mefan g, Nathan L, Charlie B.
  5. Capstone Project Draft stu chas campbell
  6. Global climate change- Ian g,maya k, jackson m, abby l
  7. Mirgration Meghan C. Abby M.
  8. Natural Disasters brendanf brendanj robertl jacksonw (review)